Salmon more precious than gold

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 09, 2005

As long as the sky is blue, and grass is green, and salmon run free, men of low principle will trade what feeds us for gold and toxic waste. Trade the Mother that nurtures us all for pennies on the dollar. We lose our connection to the earth itself; we measure wealth in things that cannot be shared or eaten, and fear and insecurity fill our lives.

Forget teaching a hungry man to fish; our politicians and the corporations they serve will take care of us. They will make us richer than King Midas. They will feed us, and they will even sell us shares in a gold mine.

When Couer d' Alene Mines Corporation and its shareholders get their gold from the Kensington, we can share our inheritance: mine tailings in our water, dying fish in our streams, and heavy metal poison in the breast milk that feeds our young. King salmon for my children's children is worth more than 10 years of gold. The choice is clear as clean water. Dump the Kensington. Long live the king!

Mark Lewis Whitman


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