Lawmakers drink in the office

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Drinking on the job. Can you? Most of us cannot drink on the job or even go to work if we have been drinking. Do you know who can and does drink on the job? Our elected state officials, that's who. State representatives and senators along with their staff can. The Alaska State Capitol building has policy regarding alcohol. Alcohol can be stored and consumed in the building and it is. On any given afternoon it is not hard to find several people in different offices sitting around having a drink. If most people did this they would soon find themselves out of a job. Why is it that while almost every other state building has a no alcohol policy, the Capitol Building does not? Why not give your representative or senator a call and see what they think of this. I am sure none of them will admit to it though. So then ask them why not pass a bill banning all alcohol and consumption of alcohol from all state buildings.

Daniel Bussard


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