Don't drop ball on health care reform

Posted: Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I implore our legislators to not lose momentum in the battle for health care reform. It is time to put aside bipartisan posturing, put forward constructive ideas, participate in substantive dialogue and put the American public first: an American public that is long overdue for health care reform.

For years, health care legislation has been proposed only to be swept away. Today, millions are without health insurance or suffering from the high costs involved. Every person in America has their own personal stories involving health care issues and all point to the fact that we need reform.

My family's personal story involves a child who is too old to be covered by our health insurance plans, but cannot afford to purchase health care amid working part time and going to school part time. So our child joins the millions of dependent children that have no health insurance.

These past few months have yielded an extensive amount of work by our legislators, both Democrat and Republican alike, in order to produce legislation to address this issue.

Do not drop the ball now. Please follow President Obama's directive to work together to come up with solutions that both parties can agree to.

Maybe it is being too idealistic to think that both parties can work together in a bipartisan manner, but I demand that our legislators look beyond that. Look to the people that this so critically affects: the American people, your electorate. Pass health care reform now.

Catherine Parker


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