Speak for ferries

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2005

Southeast Alaskans need ferries to travel to Juneau for medical appointments, make airport connections, and to access through connections to other Southeast Alaska ports, Prince Rupert, and Bellingham.

Visitors to Alaska use ferries to visit friends and family, explore Alaska, and sample a lifestyle not available Outside.

Southeast Alaska residents and businesses have consistently called for regular, reliable, affordable ferry service with Juneau, Auke Bay, as a hub destination. It's time to restate and reinforce this clear, simple goal.

Alternative 4C presented by the Department of Transportation is the most effective way to achieve this goal. It uses old and new conventional, fuel-efficient, safe, pleasant ferries to provide daily service in the summer and every other day service to Haines and Skagway in the winter.

We need to speak with one strong voice on this now.

Kathleen Menke


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