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Posted: Friday, February 11, 2000

Regarding state employees' air miles: I drop family members at the airport about 6 a.m and days later pick them up about 11 p.m., if the plane is on time. Air miles go to cancer patients and others in need of long-term medical attention. One time, miles could be used by these protesting people instead of going to the state. It would be much more expensive if the state had to pay for extra hotel time until these travelers got an 8 to 5 plane.

Callers like the ATV rider's parent really give parents a bad name. If it is illegal to ride ATVs at Dredge Lake, you should not encourage your children to do it. However, it is not illegal to skate at the skate park. Don't criticize other people's hobbies to try to make yours seem better, because I would rather skate than ride ATVs. You should open your mind and your heart. Be glad that children have different interests.

Referring to your mileage awards editorial in the Wednesday paper: That describes my life in state government to a T. The federal government actually gives cash awards to its employees for a job well done, which is something the state government does not do. I once worked on a project with some federal employees that was a particularly sticky issue. I got a nice piece of paper; they got $1,000 each. So I think it is a reasonable perk for people who work hard.

Representative Bill Hudson came close in his cost of travel between Juneau and Skagway and back to Juneau at $200. The actual cost is $212. If you want a cabin, which some people desire or need, the cost is an additional $112 round trip. Plus any food you buy adds at least another $5 to it. The price is very high. I cannot see any reason why we cannot build a road. People in Switzerland and all through that area have built roads and they have avalanche sheds. The question is, why not?

I agree with the city, we should build the road. One way we could do it is,between the state and the city, put a toll on people traveling on it. I'd gladly pay $15 or $20 to be able to drive out of here for a weekend or a day or whatever, and I imagine there are hundreds of other people who would do the same. Let's put a toll on it and build it.

I was born and raised in Alaska and lived here 28 years. I'm tired of listening to people who think they can speak for Alaskans in general when they are really only speaking for themselves.

Thanks to the road crew which has done such a great job of keeping the Eaglecrest Road in shape to use this winter.

In response to the comment about an Egan exit for the new police station being an added expense: Wouldn't you agree that the police actually prevent the need for an ambulance?

This morning while driving on Egan from the Mendenhall Valley into town, I saw a guy darting in and out of traffic 12 times. By the time we got to the bridge he was right in front of me. We need to take it easy and we'll all get there at the same time. Drive nicely.

Congratulations to the drill team on its 3rd and 4th place finishes in Florida. However, in a year with fewer than usual at home basketball games, the drill team has declined to perform at most of them. The drill team should be more willing to perform for the community that has supported it so well.

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