Raven suffers window pain

Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2001

Lunch-hour customers were surprised by a raven that slammed into a storefront window Thursday at The Udder Culture, but the young manager on duty did not have a cow.

The brained bird was out cold for at least five minutes before regaining its senses. The raven flew off to crow about it later, leaving behind a broken plate of glass on the inside of the double-paned window.

"The weird thing is the bird hit about a foot from the top and it cracked at the bottom," said Matt DuBois, pointing to a bird smudge about 6 feet from the break. "It's amazing how it cracked the inside pane even though the bird hit the outside pane."

What started out as a normal day with a typical lunch crowd quickly turned bizarre as the 18-year-old restaurant manager, who was working behind the cash register, heard a "big boom."

His immediate concern was the young children sitting beneath the window and a baby on top of a nearby table. He first thought the noise came from a falling child.

After making sure everyone was safe and spotting the cracked window, DuBois then cleaned glass chips off the sill before turning his attention to the fallen raven.

"The bird was lying on the ground motionless," DuBois said. "He wasn't moving and I was just standing there."

A woman who identified herself as a veterinarian attended the raven while DuBois went back behind the counter. He said the woman picked up the bird to put it in her vehicle.

"I didn't see it but someone told me the bird started moving and then flew right out of her hands," DuBois said.

An employee from Perseverance Glass taped the cracked pane. It could cost about $800 to replace, but DuBois now has a valuable tale to tell.

"It was the day that time stopped at the Udder Culture," he said. "People stopped eating and just wanted to talk about the raven and look at the window. It was the source of conversation for the whole lunch hour."

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