Letter: Good healthy food

Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2001

The CBJ Assembly recently adopted a resolution urging Juneau stores to carry locally harvested rather than farmed fish. I'm glad they stuck their necks out a little because there are lots of reasons to support Alaska's local fisheries rather than Outside fish farms.

Our wild fish stocks provide good healthy food. They are managed and harvested without harming the environment (if you don't count the smell of salmon carcasses at the mouth of local streams). They don't carry the risks of disease or genetic change increasingly recognized with farmed fish.

But another good reason to buy locally caught fish is to support our neighbors and our local economy. The dollars we spend on local products circulate more within the community and create more jobs than those we spend on goods made elsewhere.

I'm glad to have the CBJ Assembly talking about these issues. I'd like to see more from the Juneau Empire and other media about sustainable fisheries and their role in Southeast's economy.

Steve Behnke


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