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Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2001

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel.

Calls will remain anonymous, and opinions will be published if they meet the editor's standards of good taste. The number to call is 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

(As you've probably figured out, messages printed here don't necessarily reflect the opinion of the Empire.)

Thanks to the Salvation Army and all the organizations that helped me get back on my feet during the holiday season. I know it's late but I couldn't find the words until now.

Sealaska is not a private corporation but it is closely held. The board acts like they invested their own cash instead of their 100 government-issued shares. Politics makes it public.

In response to the person who said Eaglecrest should be privatized, maybe they did not see what private industry has done to the ski areas in Colorado and California.

Why haven't we seen any articles in the Empire about President Clinton's the pardoning of this felon, Mr. Rich?

The topic first appeared in the Empire on Jan. 24 in an editorial on page 4, "Count the spoons," in which the Clintons were criticized in part for accepting gifts and campaign contributions from Mr. Rich's former wife. On Jan. 26 the Empire published a story, "Congress looks at Rich pardon," on page 5. On Feb. 8, a story on page 17 under the headline "Ashcroft takes on Clinton" also discussed the pardon of Mr. Rich. - Editor

I hope the Legislature will do something about cleaning up the outside of the State Office Building. It is a disgrace.

Everyone who digs for clams should get fishing licenses. If they don't have them when they are checked by Fish and Game they will be fined.

How many raises have the school administrators been given over the last seven years while the teachers have not had any since 1993-94? How many administrative positions have been added in the last seven years?

Teachers have received raises. The average teacher's salary for nine months is nearly $50,000 or about $5,500 per month. This nine-month year includes two weeks vacation at Christmas, one week at spring break and about 13 holidays and personal leave days.

In regards to teacher salaries, the closed shop cost the district no money.

Wednesday I was looking for a parking space downtown. One car on the corner of Second and Franklin was blocking the crosswalk with the bumper protruding into the intersection and four cars were parked in a loading zone on Second between Franklin and Gold streets. Three of the cars displayed legislative license plates. What would happen if there were a fire and fire trucks could not get through? Would they do it or allow it in their hometowns?

Having a handicapped permit does not allow you to park in a handicapped space unless the person the permit has been issued to is in the vehicle.

Regarding the letter in Tuesday's Empire, I do have integrity, intelligence, social conscience, culture and articulacy. Now I know who you are and how you feel about me.

To the person who was castigating the editor of the Empire about printing negativity and cat-calling in the column, perhaps you should look in the mirror.

I've called Word of Mouth about 20 times this last year with mostly ridiculous stuff. I do it just to antagonize my buddies like Tim Whiting and make his day by giving him an excuse to get all up-tight and sweaty and waste his free time writing righteous letters to the Empire. It keeps him out of mischief.

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