Why the name-calling?

Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2003

As President Bush prepares his nonconstitutional first strike against Iraq, Empire readers have seen several letters dismissing people in the antiwar movement as communist dupes at best and traitors to the homeland at worst. In any event, people who question the war automatically hate the United States, Israel and free enterprise. However, people and groups questioning the war come from all political philosophies. Some of the "communist front" groups who are against this war at this time are:

• The Cato Institute, whose motto is "Individual Liberty, Limited Government, Free Markets and Peace." You can read their many reasons for opposing a first strike at this time at www.cato.org/current/iraq/index.html. In part, they are concerned because our troops are unready for chemical warfare.

• The Libertarian Party, www.lp.org, not known for their hatred of free enterprise or of America.

• The Vatican www.vatican.va , not known for their hatred of Christianity or of Israel.

If the case for a first strike is so strong, why do the proponents resort to name calling?

Daniel Cornwall


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