Keep Arctic National Wildlife Refuge safe

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 11, 2005

I am amazed and deeply grateful to the elected representatives who are voting to safeguard the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

As oil profits have soared, this small treasure has been the object of relentless pressure. But ANWR is not the answer to our oil crisis any more than the many fields that have gone before it. The answers we need are to far greater questions.

The answer as to why, in a creative capitalist economy, are we finding no alternatives to the desperate domination of oil?

The answer as to why, in a country that pays dearly for freedom, are we tolerating the tyranny of oil?

The struggle for ANWR may harbor the seeds of the ultimate answer: political courage beyond self interest. My admiration and hopeful thanks to Les Gara, Woodie Salmon, Beth Kerttula and Sharon Cissna.

Colleen Patterson


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