This reader's not buying Coeur's line

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 11, 2005

Did you know that Lower Slate Lake will have a dam 128 feet high and 500 feet long? It will "store" 4.5 million tons of tailings. This dam will have to last forever and not fail, or it will cause unknown damage to Berners Bay's ecosystem. This from a company with a dirty environmental track record. Coeur created the largest Superfund site in the United States in Idaho through its past mining operations. Coeur claims that Lower Slate Lake can be brought back to life after the mine shuts down. Do you honestly believe this? Ever taken the trail to the end on Douglas? Nothing has grown there for over 100 years, and probably never will.

My favorite part of this wonderful plan is that we are trading Berners Bay in all its pristine beauty for gold, which is such a useful and necessary item. What are we thinking? How much should we give up to make profits for Coeur's shareholders?

I'm not buying.

Karen L. Walter


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