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Posted: Friday, February 11, 2005

... for helping kids vote

The 2004 General Election is now history. If you supported your child's involvement in the program in any way, we thank you for helping to make Kids Voting a success. You are helping to institutionalize this unique civics education program in Juneau.

At the core of the Kids Voting Program, are the teachers who teach the KV lessons. We thank, in particular, all of the teachers who served as KV building reps: JoAnn Jones, Ted Wilson, Dave Haas, Dick Fagnant, Cinda Stanek, Kate McCartney, Kathi Riemer, Debbie Hull, Jamie Marks, Sande Walter, Karragh Arndt, Kris Gress, Joe Powers , Sara Hannon, Joyce Thoresen, Jo Dahl and Laury Scandling.

The 2004 sponsors were the League of Women Voters of Alaska, Wells Fargo Bank, Juneau School District, and a grant from the CBJ Youth Activities fund. Other supporters were Elgee, Rehfeld and Mertz (Max Mertz and Gayle Starbard), Sealaska Corp., Southeast Regional Resource Center and Mike's Custom Printing. Without their contributions and those of many other individuals and businesses, there would be no program.

KV booths were staffed by individuals, organizations, and businesses including SAGA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Tlingit Haida Central Council, State Farm Insurance, United Students of UAS, True North Federal Credit Union, JDHS Student Council, and parents and students of the Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School classes taught by Jamie Marks and Debbie Hull.

Thanks to precinct captains: Mariana Moreno-Godwin, Michelle Holland-Zenger, Lisa Gardner, Reubin Willis, Doreen Shaw, Debbie Hull and Nancy Hilbert, Jamie Marks, Mary Becker, Tana Bell, Gay Paresky, Andrea Doll, Nicole Hartman, Maya Raschel, Toby Coate, Bonita Nelson, Kokii Stekoll, Mark Choate and Jo Dahl.

Thanks also to all of the volunteer precinct workers: Jessy Post, Theresa Bodilla, Triston Knudson Lombari, Myra Howe, Duane Callahan, Mike Sigler, Andrew Sigler, Chapin Heumann, Marci Brooks, Marjorie Quisenberry, Doreen Shaw, Dorothy Hurley, Ginny Heffern, Michelle Zenger, Sheri Jacobsen, Tana Kegler, Louise Holland, Sue Zahn, Asia Moreno-Goodwin, Tara Mareno-Goodwin, Mary Bodine, Shirley Bandirola, Marg Hedges, Marian Schafer, David Marble, Natalie Shier, Braden File, Allie Brecker, Barbara Learmont, Laren Hoffman, Colleen Webb, Charla Wright, Kerby Wright, Tish Griffin Satre, Matthew Anderson, Heather Prentice-Walz, Brenna Heintz, Ron Heintz, Lauren MacVay, Brenda Heimbach, Michelle Brown, Lin Randall, Eric Thorsteinson, Bonnie Tourillotte, Ryan Dean, Clark Mondich, Patty Ray, Leslie Schreckhise, Laura Poe, Keith Hermann, Keslie Schreckhise, Lauree Lambert, Alicia Armstrong, Nick Arenson, Michelle Brown, Christine Ungaro-Godfrey, Tara Bell, J. Lewis, Kevin Araki, Mary Borthwick, Erica Elisoff, Sandra Keen, Erin Willis, Brenda Donohue, Melinda Skelton, Krissy Mazue, Sarah McKinney, Angel Drobnica, Anita Parrish, Justin Fantasia, Chris Walk, Eric Balsley, Janet Johnson, J. Esley, Conan Leegard, Anita Hazell Parrish, Christiana Parrish, Shari Paul, Linda Maloney, Susan Arnold, Katharine Heumann, Christine Larsen Ritter, Terry Laskey, Taralee Ellis, Candace Cook, Emily Clark, Amber Richard, Eliza Soule, Scott Fischer, Stephanie Buss, Candy Wieizelewski, Aaron Leneve, and Jonathan Estes.

The KV student media team, led by Betsy Brenneman, received training from a group of experienced media professionals including John Greely, Larry Persily, Mark Kelley, and Connie McGee and Elizabeth Bluemink. JDHS teacher Jennifer Griffin provided use of her classroom.

Other media people who assisted were Susan Fitzgerald, Jeff Brown, Rosemarie Alexander, Julia Carlisle, Chris Burns, Pete Carran, Scott Stevens, Lori Thomson, Timothy Inklebarger, Brian Wallace, Christina Holmgren, Steve Rhyner, Rick Ellis, Alexei Painter, Terry Tavel and Jim Mahan. Thanks also to JDHS student Kokii Stekoll and teacher Debby Hull for radio appearances.

The KV Board provided guidance and direction for the program. Members include Betsy Brenneman, Vice Chair; Marc Wheeler, Treasurer; Charla Wright, Secretary; Mary Becker, Phyllis Carlson, Marjorie Quisenberry, Andrea Doll, Valcarrie Gates, Mike Sigler and Mark Choate. Coordinator Doreen Shaw made sure that the whole program ran smoothly.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for helping to instill a voting habit in our young people.

Marjorie Menzi, Chair

Kids Voting Juneau

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