Remember your snow etiquette

Posted: Monday, February 11, 2008

Recently I moved into a nice home in a nice part of town that I'm very fond of. Everything has been great until recently when we started getting a lot of snow.

I know that the snow can be a real inconvenience to people since it needs to be shoveled away to clear space for cars, walkways, etc. I have to deal with this just like everyone else. When I shovel snow (or have it plowed) from my driveway, I always make sure that the snow stays in my yard and does not encroach on my neighbors. This is simple common courtesy and shouldn't be a big deal.

Well, one of my neighbors apparently decided that he doesn't want the snow in his yard and has been using a snow blower to blow all of the snow in their driveway right into my yard. As a result, I have a huge mountain of snow built up, which extends up almost to the top of my fence. I have two dogs and my dogs can now climb the snow and get up and over the fence and out into the street. This is not only unacceptable to me, but presents a real hazard for my animals as they now stand the chance of getting hit by a car, not to mention the fact that a car might swerve to avoid them and crash into something, possibly harming the occupants.

As the blower clearly sends the snow into my yard, I can't believe that this person is doing this. Never once asking me if it's OK.

We all have to live with the snow. We live in Alaska, after all. I do my best to be courteous and respectful to others. The snow affects me just like anyone else. However, I practice common decency and do not dispose of the snow in my yard anywhere else than in my yard. I would think that the same courtesy should be extended to me. Having to dig apart a huge snow pile from someone else's yard, just to protect my dogs, is not only a huge inconvenience to me, but an act of utter selfishness from the other party. Is it so hard to just be considerate of others?

Dawn Harris


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