Alaska river ice thinnest in 5 winters

Posted: Friday, February 11, 2011

FAIRBANKS — Organizers of an Alaska springtime tradition say the Tanana River ice in Nenana is the thinnest for this time of year since 2006.

Nenana Ice Classic officials say the ice was 38.3 inches thick on Tuesday.

The Ice Classic — in its 95th year — draws thousands of people who pay $2.50 per ticket to predict the exact time a tripod on the river ice will move, stopping a clock on shore.

The last time the ice was thinner for this time of year was 2006 when it was measured at 35 inches on Feb. 9. That year, the ice went out May 2.

According to past ice measurements, the ice typically grows up to 10 inches between now and the peak measurement, which usually occurs in late March.

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