Crying wolf and tax breaks

Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2003

It is difficult for me to believe President Bush and Colin Powell's reports on Iraq for the following reasons: President Bush and his team have painted the war on terrorism in such simplistic terms - Good vs. Evil - an argument that mirrors that of the Muslim fanatics and makes me doubt their intelligence and their sincerity.

Secondly, as with the boy that cried wolf, I have been lied to by many presidents since Vietnam. LBJ, Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton. My U.S. presidential credibility card has been maxed out.

Thirdly, using one of this administrations' and Ariel Sharon's favorite themes - "irrelevance" - our president's issues aren't relevant to what I consider to be the really important issues in America such as unemployment, poverty, lack of adequate health care, and the hollowing out of our economy by globalization and technology giveaways to other countries at the expense of American jobs.

Neither Gore nor Bush addressed these when they ran for president. Other than Iraq, President Bush's big issue is giving another big tax break to the 10 percent of the wealthiest people in America (as he did for wealthy Texans when governing their fair state), while our national debt continues to balloon. This makes complete sense (to Bush) because he is taking care of the people who paid for his election. I guess I do trust one thing: Follow the money and you will see why our foreign policy is what it is and why people are eating out of garbage cans in the USA. You have to follow the money to the people, PACs, and corporations that fund our political campaigns.

Unless we have fundamental campaign finance reform, our presidents and politicians will continue to represent interests that aren't those of the majority of Americans. American tax money should pay for the campaigns of bonafide candidates and all other moneys should be eliminated from the contest. The rich and influential don't like this because it would hamper their inordinate control over government and put them on a more equal footing with their fellow citizens. But, only through this would our elected officials be obligated to represent the majority of Americans and freed from their umbilical cord to wealth.

Sorry for the cynicism, Oh, I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the communist party.

Lisle Hebert


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