Play to win

Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Barbara Kelly's recent letter moved me to also write and express my convictions about the increasingly likely attack on Iraq. Ms. Kelly is right. We must not remain silent and complacent. There are too many lives at stake. Our young fighting men and women may soon be ordered into the horrors of modern combat. Unlike Barbara, however, I am greatly relieved they would do so after a "Shock and Awe" opening air strike. This will bring many more of our sons and daughters home safely than if we tiptoe into battle. Since it appears we will have to disarm Saddam forcefully, let's do so quickly and decisively.

I confess, with a son in the army, I have no interest in playing fair. The more we take advantage of our advantage the better for us and ultimately the better for the Iraqi people.

Chris Morrow


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