Discussing Oz

On the moral of the play:

Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2004

• Travis Vidic, senior (the Tinman) - "Dorothy, in the second-to-last scene when she's talking to Glenda, I think sums it up. We as humans often are searching for something better when the best thing is what we have right now. It's just a matter of accepting that and becoming content with the beauty of what you have. The Tinman is the most emotional character out of all of them. So he obviously has a big heart. He's very caring, but he doesn't accept it, he doesn't know or he's not aware of it. When the Wizard finally points out that he has a heart, that's the transition for the Tinman."

• Alix Curtain, senior (the Wicked Witch) - "I disagree. I think the moral of the story is don't be mean to people. I think everybody was mean to the Witch back in the day, and that's why she turned out so mean and nasty."

• Giselle Stone, sophomore (Dorothy) - "I agree with Travis. I think that the whole point of the story is everybody is looking for something more extravagant. They want to improve their personality, or themselves, and they don't realize that what they're looking for is right there. The Scarecrow is smart, but he's looking for a brain. The Tinman is emotional and loving, but he's looking for a heart. And Dorothy is just looking for something better than Kansas because she thinks there's something out there that's pulling her away. She ends up realizing that there's nothing better than having her aunt and uncle, and all of her friends, love her and be there for her."

On the relevance of "The Wizard of Oz" to living in Juneau:

• Seneca Harper, junior (the Lion) - "In the beginning of the play, we're going for a more bland, grayish-type scene, and it's kind of like innuendo I guess you could say. The whole thing could be related to Juneau or anywhere, depending on how you look at the town you're in."

• Vidic - "To add to what Seneca said, I think there are many adults who live here because it is absolutely gorgeous. It took some realization for them to see that, and that's the same transformation that us kids could go through, and that the characters in the play go through."

• Curtain - "I think I went through that. Travis and I both went on exchange, and when I went away I realized how great Juneau really was. So I had a Dorothy moment there."

• Justin McCown, junior (the Scarecrow) - "Juneau's really different from where I came from. I came from ghetto D.C. and everyone was making fun of people all the time. I came up here and people are so contented and they're just together. They don't care how you are, how you look, what your personality is."

• Stone - "I definitely feel that I'm in a Dorothy situation. I've lived in Juneau all of my life and my one dream is to go out and make it big in New York. I have a feeling that someday I'm going to come back to Juneau and be like, 'I miss this place. This is where it really is. This is where my heart is.' "

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