Five rescued eagles released in Kodiak

Posted: Tuesday, February 12, 2008

KODIAK - Five of the 30 surviving eagles that were slimed in fish guts last month will be released back to the wild.

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Manager Gary Wheeler said the birds were to be released Monday at the Buskin River Camp Ground, the same day they arrived from Anchorage.

Wheeler said 19 more eagles are scheduled to arrive today.

During their monthlong stay at the Bird Treatment and Education Center in Anchorage, the birds had multiple cleanings to get the fish slime out of their feathers and give them time to build up natural protective oils to help keep warm.

Fifty eagles dove into an open dump truck of fish guts on Jan. 11 at the Ocean Beauty processing plant on Kodiak's waterfront. Twenty died on the spot, either by drowning in the fish slime or from exposure.

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