Innovative schools improve education

Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your articles on community involvement in local charter schools give a good sense of the excitement these innovative schools can bring to education ("Basic info on TLC and the charter school" and "Fiesta de Colores," Feb. 8). Collaboration with an organization such as The Learning Connection greatly increases the chances of meaningful family involvement.

One of the strengths of charter schools is that they can use their flexibility in scheduling and seat time to enable students to explore their interests outside the conventional classroom.

An excellent example is the K-6 Juneau Community Charter School connecting older students with the Alaska State Museum to learn about native cultures and to create an Alaskan Mysteries Project that could be shared with other schools. Another was the mini-fiesta that brought children and parents out for a family fun night celebrating Hispanic culture and also affording the community a chance to learn more about charter schools.

Education experts agree that parental involvement is an important factor in a child's success in schools. It seems Juneau has a lot of that going on.

Robert Holland

Senior fellow for Education Policy, The Heartland Institute


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