Snow removal can help pedestrians, too

Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow removal is a time-consuming job, great exercise for the young and strong. As I walk around downtown, I have made some observations.

A great job is being done at 612 W. Willoughby Ave. The folks there have cleared their lot for automobile parking and kept the corner of the sidewalk clear. Close by, the sidewalk by the bus stop shelter near the bowling alley often isn't clear.

Today, a plow left a berm across the sidewalk near the crosswalk at 10th Street and Egan Drive, and once again, the fire hydrant at Egan and West Ninth Street is buried under a heap of plowed and blown snow.

And, don't bother to try walking along the car lot at Marine Park, for the entrances for cars are clear, but not the sidewalk.

The winter snows are not over. I hope plowing and clearing can be efficiently done for both automobile drivers and pedestrians.

Anne Fuller


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