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Posted: Sunday, February 13, 2000

You've got mail

State Rep. Gene Therriault kept wondering why he was getting public opinion messages from people who didn't remember sending them. Turned out a video gambling legalization campaign by the bar lobby was the answer. The lobby collected signatures on thousands of cards and deposited them in Legislative Information Offices, where staff typed them up and sent them electronically to legislators. ``There's no way it's not eating up time or eating up resources,'' Therriault said.

Talking to George

Not many people get to talk to George Washington. But Sealaska shareholder Savannah Starkweather did, sort of. The student entered the A&E cable channel's ``Just Ask George'' contest and was picked as one of a dozen contestants, according to the Native corporation's newsletter. Citing Washington's support for ``life, liberty and happiness,'' the Port Orchard, Wash., the high school student submitted a question about the first U.S. president's slave ownership. She also asked, ``Why weren't ladies, black people or poor people allowed to vote?''

You know you're old...

Those of use not feeling as young as we used to probably felt worse after Paul McCartney appeared as the cover boy on Modern Maturity, the mag of the AARP. The accompanying article in the March-April edition describes numerous creative people who did their best work in their middle to later years. But wasn't Paul at his best with that group he had before Wings?

Lights, action, fish!

Some Kodiak area fishermen will be featured in a documentary about the industry to be shown on PBS. The show, part of the ecotourism series ``Trailside: Make Your Own Adventure,'' will plug the premise of the Alaska Oceans, Seas, and Fisheries Research Foundation, which is concerned with sustaining Alaska's commercial fisheries. The show will be scripted locally, and it's no surprise the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is part of the deal.

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