Three months later, found $50,000-plus unclaimed

Posted: Sunday, February 13, 2000

The large sum of money found in November at a Juneau construction site has not been claimed.

``Well in excess of $50,000'' was how police described the cash found in a container Nov. 18. Police have been reluctant to supply either a precise count of the cash or an exact description of its container, in order better to judge the veracity of claimants.

In the three months since the money was unearthed, no legitimate claimants have come forward, Lt. Ron Forneris of the Juneau Police Department said Friday.

``It's my impression that the man who dug it up would like to put in a claim for it,'' Forneris said.

If, after the legally-required six-month waiting period passes, the construction worker puts in a claim, would that put him in danger?

``If there is some illegal component to the money, it might endanger him,'' Forneris admitted. ``But we don't have any specific information that there is anything illegal about it.''

Some people just don't trust banks, Forneris said.

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