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Posted: Sunday, February 13, 2000



1 p.m. House Transportation Committee considers HB 59, which would raise the gas tax by 9 cents per gallon. Room 17.

3 p.m. House Health, Education and Social Services considers HB 224, which would require teachers to give notice of their intent to go on strike. Room 106.


9 a.m. Senate Finance Committee will hear a presentation from the governor's office about the supplemental budget request for the 2000 fiscal year. Room 532.

Noon. The Senate Finance Committee subcommittee overseeing the public works budget for the 2001 fiscal year will hear an overview of the governor's budget request. Room 532.


8 a.m. House Community and Regional Affair Committee will take up HB 255, which would allow qualifying communities to form as villages. Room 124.

1:30 p.m. House Finance Committee will review the governor's supplemental budget request for the 2000 fiscal year. Room 519.


9 a.m. Senate Finance Committee will hear an overview of SB 217. The measure is the operating budget approved for the 2000 fiscal year, which the Senate and House Finance Committees will use as the vehicle for the 2001 fiscal year operating budget. Room 532.


HB 343 and SB 250, (Knowles). The governor's supplemental budget request for the 2000 fiscal year.

HB 347 (Therriault by request), which would expand species allowed to be farmed in the state to include mouse, caribou, deer, Dall sheep and elk. Farming would be allowed only if state officials determined there was a surplus of the game animals.

HB 348 (Masek), which would require hunters to obtain proof that a person hired as a guide was properly licensed with the state.

HB 354 (Brice), would make it a felony crime to attempt to induce a minor to engage in sex or sexual contact. The bill would also expand the definition of the crime of distribution of pornography to minors.

HB 364 (Croft), would raise the minimum wage in Alaska to $6.50 and then to $6.75 in 2001.

HB 366 (Knowles), would expand victims rights and add protections to allow for the recovery of stolen property.

HB 367 (Knowles), would revoke the drivers' license for one year of a person who violated a traffic law and caused a fatal automobile accident.

HB 370 (Rokeberg), would allow employers to pay workers under 20 years old 85 percent of the minimum wage for up to 90 days.

HB 372 (Dyson), would allow for judges to consider during sentencing punishments negotiated between offenders and victims or offenders and communities.

HB 259 (Taylor), would expand the definition of criminal impersonation to include people using or possessing false identification with the intent to commit a crime.


HB 272, which would allow tax assessments of qualifying housing units to be based on revenue rather than on property value, was approved by the House on a 29-5 vote. The bill next moves to the Senate.

SB 186, which would allow people to place up to $50,000 into tax-deferred higher education savings accounts passed out of the Senate Finance Committee.

SJR 27, which would prohibit the court system from altering the wording of proposed constitutional amendments placed before voters, passed the Senate Finance Committee.

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