Support for new DIA tribal council


Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2001

As elders of the Douglas Indian Association, we want to express our unhappiness with the recent letter submitted by Dorothy Zura. She says her "concern" is still for the youth and elderly, but her actions and that of other outgoing DIA council members tell us otherwise.

As their elders, we would never treat the former DIA staff as disgracefully as Zura and her associates have done. These staff are caring and committed individuals who have worked very hard for many years in service to our people. They have treated our people fairly in all programs.

In the last few years, many of us have witnessed, first hand, DIA's accomplishments through the staff's recognition and involvement of the elders in tribal business functions. And now, with deep sadness, we are seeing DIA being torn apart by Zura and others. What they are doing is wrong. We won't allow her to use us as a tool to gain support for setting DIA back 15 years.

We voted in the DIA Tribal Council election on Jan. 8 and we support the newly elected council. There are many more of DIA's members who feel as we do, but they are too numerous to list.

Margaret Osborne

Robert Milton Sr.

Helen Sarabia

Dorothy Thornton

Amos and Dorothy Wallace

Dorothy Coronell

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