Hit-and-run horror

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2002

This is to the woman in the small silver sedan who hit the pedestrian in the crosswalk outside the Governor's Mansion Tuesday morning. You hit that boy hard enough to make him flop onto the hood of your car almost to the windshield and rebound onto his back on the pavement.

The next time you hit someone with your car, I hope you get out of the car to try to render first aid, or at least roll down your window and apologize. Maybe you could also get his name and phone number so you could call him later and see if he's OK. Maybe you could stay at the scene and call to report the accident to the police. Almost anything would be better than driving slowly past a limping young man that you just struck with your vehicle and going on about your day.

I did check on the young man, who's likely to be darned hurting from the strike and from landing on his back on a backpack full of books. I also reported your license number and the make of your car and a police officer found the young man and rendered further assistance.

As horrifying as it was to witness that boy's body being hit and bounced off your hood, I find it much more horrifying that you hit a living human being and drove away. Did you have a nice day?

Sandy Harbanuk


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