For all of Alaska

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2002

I wish to thank the All-Alaskan Gasline (North Slope to Valdez) supporters and the 42,000 voters who signed the gasline petition and know which project works for Alaskans.

In the past , and now as a candidate for lieutenant governor, I have proven my ability to get things done by working with others. If elected, I will get the gasline project (Valdez) built in Alaska, where it belongs, and not in Canada.

Only Gov. Knowles, Sen. Murkowski, and, of course, the oil producers want the Canadian Highway route. Most Alaskans want it in Alaska so we get the most jobs, revenues, and cheaper in-state gas for all of Alaska.

Abiding by our state Constitution regarding the proper use of our natural resources is the only answer. Our resources belong to Alaskans and not some elected politicians to then broker financial windfalls for big corporations.

As a lifelong Democrat, I will abide by our May 2000 state Democratic platform which supports a gasline to Valdez, not Canada. I will be challenging any and all good Democrats who are working against our own platform and therefore Alaska's' interests.

The Valdez economics work just fine despite the media reports put out by the Canadian route supporters. Let's energize Alaska and Alaskans with the All-Alaska Gasline to Valdez now.

How can Alaskans go wrong if we start working together to get things done right?

Scott Heyworth


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