Possible wildlife corridor

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2002

The wolf issue on Douglas Island is one hot topic these days, creating polarized view points. Everybody has got an opinion, and wow! There have been some whoppers. We've heard from people completely for the wolves and from people completely against the wolves. We've even heard animated stories of wolves Dumpster-diving, running amok, thick as locusts, eating everything in sight, including us!

Statistics account for approximately two to four wolves per 1,000 square kilometers along the coastal strip of northern Southeast Alaska. Chances of being eaten out of house and home are highly unlikely with a population this sparse.

As wolves have pups and packs get larger, they fragment and move apart. Now, Douglas Island is unique geographically, in that it is the most likely jumping off point, or migration route, on to Admiralty and possibly other distant places. So, this could possibly be a wildlife corridor. More realistically, any "extra" wolves would move off in that direction following the sound of another wolf howling across the water.

Tom Lee


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