Microwavable salmon is the way to go

Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2003

Last summer, pink salmon comprised only 3 percent of my gillnet earnings, but were 22 percent of my total catch. At a nickel a pound, pinks average about 25 cents per fish. My thought is that in some cases, the salmon industry should focus on retaining only the pin bone free tail sections posterior of the dorsal.

As the can lines approach full production, fishermen could be encouraged by the state to separate more of the wheat from the chaff on the fishing grounds in an effort to produce a new, more customer-friendly product. Any meat exposed to RSW, and the tails are trimmed away later from the frozen tail sections before reglazing and repackaging as frame bone roasts. About the same size as chicken thighs, these could be put into a meat case four to a styro tray and sold to the microwave food consumer.

Dale R. Johnston


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