Is a payout really the answer to fiscal crisis?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 13, 2004

We pay our government officials good money to figure out a workable plan to run our state. If we Alaskans take a one time payoff on our PFD and grant government access to the oil revenue how then can these high officials justify their position as state leaders and problem solvers? A child could figure a solution like that out and that is exactly the person we need to think about.

I have watched the dollar value of our country plummet since the 1950s and remember when working for a dollar an hour was good money. Today the cost of living has spiraled into the stratosphere and where does it end?

We can start right here in Alaska! Don't let the quick fix - a one-time payoff - fool you, Alaskan; these modern politicians are sharp and know what a bargain they will get on a long-time deal.

My vote will be cast in the direction of what is right and good for the common Alaskan. If the political leaders in this administration can't balance the budget without raiding the PFD fund then they do not belong leading this state.

John St. Martin


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