Kudos to the city for Cope Park response

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The crews of the city street and water departments, and City Manager Rod Swope, deserve recognition for their quick response to the water main break in Cope Park on Thursday.

Our house is located a block and a half from Cope Park. A few hours after the incident, it was like nothing had happened. The streets that had been flooded were cleared and sanded. It is our understanding that within minutes after the valves were closed on the water main, a computerized system kicked in and re-routed the water supply from the Salmon Creek water station. If the water service was interrupted, it wasn't at all apparent.

The consequences of interrupted water service could have been extremely serious for property owners in our area at a time of such low temperatures. Thanks to the skill and efficiency of city employees, it was just another day in the neighborhood.

Peter and Sandy Metcalfe


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