UAS champions in Ordway Basketball

Posted: Sunday, February 13, 2011

The University of Alaska Southeast Men’s Division 1 basketball team took first in the Ordway Basketball Tournament on Feb. 2. The tournament is organized by Juneau Parks and Recreation.

The final score was 92 to 76, giving UAS a 16 point lead over Specs in the City.

Both teams were confident as they entered into the game, but it was a tough call which way it would go until the last few minutes. UAS players Ralph Wolfe and David Cannamore had their doubts halfway into the game.

“I was worried,” Cannamore, a senior at UAS said of the game. “I’m just glad we (didn’t) have to play (the second) night.”

All the UAS players were relieved when the clock finally ran out. “It feels good,” Ralph Wolfe said of their championship victory, agreeing with Cannamore that “it was a scary game”.

Led by UAS alumni Rudy Bean, UAS’ opposing team, Specs in the City, was a force to be reckoned with during the first half of the game, making numerous three pointers at every turn. Specs in the City took the lead early, but UAS was able to come back during the second half, out running their opponents and scoring the majority of their points from foul shots and lay ups.

Two other UAS teams also did well in the Ordway Basketball Tournament.

The UAS Flukes, a team that has been playing together for about three seasons, took second place in the Men’s Division 4 North tournament shortly after the UAS Division 1 team got their big win.

“It was fun,” Colby Nelson said of their final game of the season.

“(We played) pretty good,” fellow team mate Daniel Leder said. “We made it farther than we have before.”

The Northstar Gift Shop beat the Flukes 60 to 49.

“They played well,” Chancellor John Pugh said of the Flukes game. “They made a lot of lay ups and foul shots, but ran out of steam towards the end.”

Chancellor Pugh was at both of the men’s championship games to support UAS basketball. Pugh was shouting helpful advice to the players, reminiscent of when he was a coach for the UAS college basketball team before the program proved to be too expensive to continue.

“It was a lot of fun and our team was pretty good,” Pugh said. “It just got too expensive having to fly teams in to play against us.”

UAS had a Women’s Division 2 team, and while they were 5-9 in the standings by week seven, their season ended earlier in the tournament, 47-61 against the Juneau Computer Services team.

Overall, there were 418 players in the Ordway tournament basketball league according to Dave Pusich, Adult Sports Supervisor for Juneau Parks and Rec.

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