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Posted: Monday, February 14, 2000

While we are talking about waste management and oil company mergers, has anyone stopped and given thought to the fact that most of the foreign companies, whether they are oil companies or cruise lines, don't really care about the way they treat our environment? They are here for the money. Until we make them face the facts and stop them from polluting our country, they could care less as long as their bucks are filling their pockets. We all need to really think about that.

While you are talking to your kids about the values of good citizenship, tell them that each person has the right to vote and that they shut Dredge Lake down without any vote.

In response to the parent of the daughter who complained about the JDHS assembly: Maybe if she were there she would know what was really going on. And maybe if she paid attention to the school, she would know that we have far worse problems at all schools in America than two students showing school spirit at the one place that is designed for it. Maybe she should find out what was really going on here.

Regarding the letter to the editor about avalanches on the highway serving as a warning: I wonder how many members of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council live in the Wickersham neighborhood or the western end of the Highlands? Both areas are sitting under avalanche shoots that are basically time bombs.

Some copy centers don't give you the throwaways. What a waste and what bad customer service.

Back in September, Mr. Bader gave us the solution to the school district's financial woes. We don't have to lay any teachers off. He said that even though we had a lower enrollment, we were going to do all right financially because there were more resource kids. Well, our schools are swarming with specialists to deal with these resource kids. All we have to do is identify more resource kids and we'll get more federal money to pay for our schooling.

In response to the caller who wants to whisk from Juneau to the new capital in Anchorage: As everybody knows in this area, you don't whisk anywhere. It's a two day trip to drive from Juneau through Haines and Skagway and up and around to Anchorage. If so many people wanted to do it, the ferries would be packed already. Just because we can blast through 50 some miles of the most pristine wilderness in the world doesn't mean we should do it. Improved ferry service will benefit all of Southeast Alaska, not just Juneau. Ferry service is the only guaranteed way that won't be closed by avalanches, tunnel collapses or anything like that. Ferries are the way to go. Improved ferries would benefit all of us.

As for the veteran issue: Disabled or not, for those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

In reference to the road out of Juneau: Do you really think they will keep it open for the people who live in this town during the winter, just like they do the road out north of us right now?

I think DEC regulations are necessary to preserve Alaska's beauty and clean environment. Regulations regarding sewage waste should be enforced fairly and not targeted to a select few.

Regarding the exit for the new police station on Egan Drive: I think it's a moot point. Patrol cars patrol. I don't believe they are waiting at the police station for a call.

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