Folk Festival ahead


Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2001

In the midst of larger amounts of snow finally falling and winter feeling like it has at last arrived, applications recently have been received to sign up for the annual Alaska Folk Festival, which is a sign of spring ahead.

The Alaska Folk Festival is an organization of volunteers that wonderfully brings our community together, through music, for a week-long festival in April, as well as many events throughout the year. The music is brought to you because of the Folk festival membership, volunteers and board directors. It has been a difficult period this last year for the festival's board in light of the previous treasurer being found guilty by the court system of falsifying records and embezzling thousands of dollars.

I am very grateful to the present board of directors for realizing the imbalance and the perseverance and dedication toward getting the money back. Thank you.

I look forward to the upcoming 27th Alaska Folk Festival, which is an event that attracts children of all ages and types. I deeply thank all who give their music, time and monetary support toward making this a wonderful event in our community. See you there.

Joyce Levine


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