Juneau, state cubicles not the 'real Alaska'

Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2002

This bear and wolf issue has gotten so far out of perspective that it's become ludicrous. To suggest a wild animal "preserve" in the valley (My Turn, Tuesday's Empire) with bears, wolves, deer and goats that children and tourists stroll through is about the most ridiculous thing to come out of this whole debate. Alaska's wildlife belongs in the wild, not in the middle of a city of 30,000 people. It seems that some of our citizens believe that wildlife should be treated as our very own pets.

What's become of logic and common sense? I'm pretty sure it must be up by Fairbanks, because it's not in Juneau.

Too many people in Juneau have never lived in the real Alaska where trapping and hunting is a way of life. They commute to their cubicles, retire in 20 years and leave the state, thinking that hiking the Dan Moeller trail is wild Alaska and seeing a wolf is an epiphany. Bears in the trash cans is their idea of seeing wildlife. I've seen many wolves around the state and even killed a few. I can assure you that if the wolf population is not controlled they will decimate the deer and then go for your pets. I've seen it happen in the real Alaska. Why are there no brown bear in the Valley or Lemon Creek like there used to be? Because they were hunted and they came to fear man. Be glad we don't have a brown bear problem, they do more than knock over trash cans. I've seen it happen in the real Alaska.

I've lived up North and traveled to just about all corners of Alaska. I've hunted, trapped and commercial fished all over Alaska. I've seen just about every living thing in our great state and loved every second of it.

The one thing I've never seen is the inside of a cubicle at the SOB.

I suggest to those of you that "care" for the wolves and bears so much: Move to the real Alaska for a few years and then tell us how you feel.

Tom Dragt


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