Fish and Game Dept. oddly silent

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 14, 2005

Like most, I'm not against development per se. The golf course in north Douglas sounds great. A road around north Douglas to west Douglas Island with some trees plucked out over there so you could ski down to said road from Eaglecrest sounds delightfully progressive. However, we shouldn't mess with Berners Bay, in large part because of its herring. Herring are the spark plug of the car. You know, the food chain.

Now it seems to me the Department of Fish and Game has been utterly silent, invisible or absent in the debate on Berners. They are going to fill in Lower Slate Lake and Fish and Game acts like a teenager with headphones on, "What are you talking about?" With all the whales and sea lions going into Berners Bay, you would think they would at least notice.

In contrast, they sure were gung ho a few years ago to shut down my 10-foot-by-10-foot tool shed without electricity when I tried to build it next to a trickle of a creek going under North Douglas Highway because a couple of pink salmon had been seen there in 1969. Oh that's right, the governor got rid of that division because he was mad at them. I was too, but I'd eat ducks from around the Bonnie Brae septic run-out if they would somehow come back and save Berners Bay. Why didn't he just make the whole Fish and Game a division under the Department of Natural Resources if that's what they are going to be anyway?

So, if no one at Fish and Game is going to do this stuff anymore, allow me. There's lots of herring in Berners Bay. King salmon eat herring. How do you think they get to be big? Boats and docks are bad for herring - see Auke Bay, The Parnell Study, 2005.

Soon we will be snagging hatchery chums with gold (as in made of) Pixies and eating farm fish from British Columbia for something special, a fitting tribute to Republican environmental policies. Now back to those closed-door caucuses.

Joe Parnell


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