Wishing Alaskans luck with vote on same-sex benefits

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I read the report in your newspaper about the $1.2 million advisory election on same-sex benefits (Thursday's Juneau Empire) and shook my head.

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Here in Georgia, the majority party goes off on these grand moral crusades over whether to allow the sale of alcohol on Sunday or prevent city governments from offering domestic-partner benefits to city employees. Who can forget the governor of Georgia making his first priority as governor weight loss for state employees while he weighed in at nearly twice the weight he should have? His second priority was neutering pets (he is a veterinarian). Meanwhile, the state's infrastructure such as schools, transportation, medical care for children of poor working parents and access to water supplies go unattended.

I'm sure you will understand that until I read the article in your newspaper, I thought all the really stupid Republicans were in the old Confederacy. Good luck with the advisory election. I'm sure people in Alaska will be as enthusiastic as I would be to have an expensive, useless election.

Robert Moore

Atlanta, Ga.

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