State lawyer charged with theft

Posted: Monday, February 14, 2011

ANCHORAGE — Authorities in Anchorage say a 31-year-old state labor attorney is charged with theft in connection with shoes stolen from a Fred Meyer store.

The state Law Department says attorney Erin Pohland is the woman charged.

According to police in a criminal complaint filed in January, store surveillance footage showed Pohland and another woman — 30-year-old Skye McRoberts — putting $1,020.08 worth of shoes in their carts.

According to the complaint, the women concealed the shoes in shopping bags and cut off electronic theft-prevention tags in the Dec. 30 incident.

Authorities say McRoberts ended up with all the shoes and pushed a cart past the checkout lanes and out the door without paying.

McRoberts is charged with theft.

Authorities say Pohland was charged after she was recognized in the surveillance footage.

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