Return the child to his father

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2000

It is revolting to witness the circus surrounding the little boy being fought over in Miami. If this child were anything other than Cuban he would have long ago been returned to his father, as he should have been.

Political fanatics blinded by their passions have seized this opportunity to make a kind of psychotic statement and stand. Some Congressional leaders, many of whom seem always willing to sell out for some perceived gain, have jumped on the band wagon and turned the situation into a ``cause.''

Unfortunately, this little boy, already severely traumatized by his ordeal, is but a pawn in this insane contest. His real emotional well-being is not important to them. I hope his ``great uncle'' and other distant relatives in Miami can live with their consciences for the harm they are doing this child. I hope the opportunistic politicians crawl back into their holes. They are shamelessly prostituting themselves and the system.

I am ashamed for our country for allowing this to happen. The child should be returned to his father and near relatives immediately.

Erik Lie-Nielsen

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