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Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Native heritage is one thing. These out of control ravens knocking garbage cans over and destroying the roads is another. It has got to stop and bungee cords are not the answer. Population control is. I have declared open season on ravens as of today.

So this is justice allowing CBJ local firefighter medic Pat Eggers to serve his 12 mo sentence atr home. wld the people of skagway he shot at be interested to know that the home he is spenidn his 12 mo sentence is that of his girlfriend? sounds more like ahoneymoon to me.

Regarding the letter by Stuart Cohen: DOT did surveys of the best place to put a crossing years ago. There are already houses built in that area and city water already goes out that way.

Maybe they are saving on the cost of a babysitter, but do those people who take their very small children to ``Scream 3'' and other inappropriate movies have any idea about the harm they are doing? Immersing their kids in such horror and violence is scary and harmful. Do such parents care? Do they even read newspapers?

At the very least I'd like to see a vote on riding ATV's at Dredge Lake. Without a vote, Dredge Lake being closed is not fair for those of us who do not use some of the other activities Juneau offers. I think it would be very nice and truly Alaskan if the people who made the extraordinary effort on building our very beautiful and successful skate park could help the kids who want to ride at Dredge Lake.

I'm happy to see that the halibut council is taking steps to limit the charter fleet. It's high time someone in power recognized the truth and called the fleet what it is: an unlimited commercial fishery.

When I was a kid here in the valley, my most favorite thing to do was ride ATVs at Dredge Lake. In fact, they're my favorite memories of growing up here in Juneau. Dredge Lake is where people have already ridden because it's accessible to kids. Kids cannot ask their parents to bring them all the way out the road every time they want to ride. If tourists wanted to ride at Dredge Lake there would probably already be a concrete riding road out there.

In response to the comment about Dredge Lake getting shut down without anyone getting to vote on it: Even if it was put to a vote, you still wouldn't be riding your ATVs out there, so get over it.

How can a previous director of the state of Alaska not be considered for one of two positions as a firefighter-EMT for the city of Juneau when he was allowed to work for the fire department for an entire year in a career position as a temporary? Short-time fire department managers (from outside) have a hard time understanding local needs.

Thank you Stuart Cohen for expressing your views in the letter ``Ferry Dreams.'' I couldn't have said it better myself. Having lived in the state for 47 years, I see exactly what you perceive. I think the key words are ``planning'' and ``vision,'' which do not seem to exist.

People, there is no required stop when merging onto the bridge from the valley. The yield sign has always been there, so quit making the rest of us slam on our brakes.

This is in response to everyone writing in abut Dredge Lake. I think it's real good. I just hope the Forest Service will see it and give us an area, either Dredge Lake back or some other area.

I would like to comment on Martinelli's bar. I'm a 34-year-old male. I walked in there Friday night and there was a pleasant lady sitting at the door and she ID'd me. I felt very flattered and I liked that she was IDing. I wondering if some of these other bars are doing that.

The ATV riders need to police themselves better, otherwise they can forget about ever being able to ride on public land again. If they're going to continue to be outlaws, then maybe they should buy some land for themselves rather than relying upon the public to give them land.

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