Capitol guard broke rules

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Regarding the Capitol security guard fired for writing a letter about drinking in the Capitol: It is not a happy event anytime someone loses their job, justified or not, and I am sorry for Mr. Bussard. But, it seems he used very poor judgment and broke agency rules himself (Empire, Feb. 13). In this case, my sympathies lie entirely with the Legislature.

They do work long and irregular hours. Most of them are away from their homes. Any time they are in public, whether in a bar or not, they are going to be observed and, in some cases, eavesdropped. It seems there are few opportunities to just sit back, relax and chat with other legislators. Our legislators are elected, not hired employees. The important thing is if their constituents are satisfied with their work and, of course, if they have not become unruly. I suspect the legislators have enough on their minds without worrying about integrity of the guards. I prefer that they address the budget.

There are always people eager to pass judgment on others and believe that we should all kowtow to their standards. We have more than enough "thought" police, "food" police, "politically correct speech" police in our community now; we don't need any more monitors.

Phyllis M. Lewis


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