Lew brings up a good point on war in Iraq

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lew Williams hit a home run with his column in Sunday's Juneau Empire ("One question remains: Who killed Alaska-based troops?").

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We need to find these bad guys and bring them to justice. To those who want to end the war in Iraq now and bring our troops home, I say, if we don't find these bad guys first they will just follow our troops home. Then we can expect to see bands of crazy killers carrying out their dreams of killing in American cities.

Those in the Congress who are racing each other to raise the white flag should be spending their energy supporting our troops instead of joining the group of voices seeking ways to aid an already dedicated force of killers, who are against all we stand for as a nation.

I wonder if anyone in our state Legislature or in the executive branch has asked our congressional delegation or the Bush administration for further information on this matter.

The Bush haters need to wake up and find ways to work with the president to keep this nation safe and win the war on terror going on in Iraq and else where in this world.

Charlie Bussell


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