Thanks for NOW testimony help

Posted: Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Juneau chapter of the National Organization for Women wants to express its appreciation to Sen. Kim Elton, Assemblyman Jonathan Anderson, Assemblyman Bob Doll and former Rep. Andrea Doll for volunteering for the Juneau NOW Testimony Workshop held at the Capitol on Jan. 10. They acted as the committee members so that workshop attendees could practice testifying before a legislative committee.

They listened to the testimonies and offered valuable advice after each one, enhancing the experience for everyone there. The two members of the Assembly explained the similarities and differences between testifying before the Assembly and the Legislature. Participants said they appreciated the opportunity to experience the process and to get immediate feedback.

Juneau NOW is the largest NOW chapter in Alaska and meets the second Wednesday of the month. For more information, visit or call me at 209-8750.

Nadine Lefebvre

President, Juneau chapter of the National Organization for Women


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