Kenneth Thomas will not be forgotten

Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2000

What happened to Kenneth Thomas is a tragedy. For years I said hello to Kenneth and his brothers. One day all his brothers were together, I went to say hello and went into shock asking ``you mean there is more than one of you?'' They all laughed. Another day, I walked by all of them, stopped and looked at them and shook my head and walked on, as they laughed again. I've known their mother for all these years too. All these years I've known all the brothers as kind, gentle and composed themselves respectfully. For the two sons that Betty Torres lost, when I see her and her family I will always remember how good all her family is. People lose sight of the significance of a person's purpose in life. When I see her surviving sons I'll always remember how respectful he was, especially to women. When I see Betty, I'll always think of all her sons who cherish their mother, that's worth more than gold. Every family member of Betty, I see a light in their spirit as they have all displayed kindness. This crime committed is not fair. Just the thought of Alper Torres who could of been killed too; see him leave his wife and all his children.

Too much death is seen among our people; we only stand 15 percent of the population. Biblically thinking, the tree of life can be seen in a literal sense as a tree. Life of a blood vessel we are. The shape of the blood vessels is like another term to what the tree of life can be seen as. When the vessel is severed; chopped and tossed with no natural affection from the perpetrator.

Betty asked all the people to pray for good weather to get through the torrents of the loss. The next day on, I looked to the clouds and seen such a blue sky with the whitest clouds and other clouds gray and raining displaying beauty and loss at the same time. The sun shined as though it were comforting our soul. We know now that Betty's prayer was answered; hopefully for all good people that they be heard too. I'd say the laws of nature heard our pleas therefore granted justice from a spiritual sense. The only peace left is hope for justice in this man made law with no inequality treatment included. We all will miss him, I know he is in a good place...with God. I know we will see him again, a promise for every breath of life ever created and breathed.

Ada Patterson

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