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Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2000

The present halibut take in Southeast and Southcentral Alaska is now 93 percent by commercial fishermen. After all, this includes charter operators who fish for commercial reasons. If future allocation is based on present take, this leaves only 7 percent for sport fishermen?

OK, governor, build us a bike path to Skagway 10 feet wide.

The reason the print shops don't give you the extra throwaways is because when someone asks you who did the printing for you, it looks like they do bad work. If the work wasn't good enough to go out, they don't want their name to go on it. That's why they keep throwaways. I used to work in a print shop.

I wonder what it is about this younger generation, like on the Capital Transit System. When there are pregnant women, elderly and handicapped people who need a seat, sometimes the bus driver has to tell the younger people to get up so the others can sit down.

The spontaneous car dump at Kmart will serve as a good test of our city government's ability to handle another ugly nuisance. The city sure did a poor job with the First Bank ATM downtown; now this new blight. Mr. Egan, Mr. Palmer, we're watching.

I applaud Stuart Cohen for his voice of reason regarding this foolishness of a second bridge. He echoes the thoughts of many.

Drivers, notice the left turn yield signs at intersections.

Parents, do you know your children start Aug. 24 in the year 2000 and go until June 6, 2001? Let the school board know if you don't like it.

This regards the people who had their Rottweiler unleashed, unchained and unsupervised at Auke Bay Rec on Sunday afternoon: I hope their dog is current on his shots. Ours ended up at the vet today with a bite mark to his neck and to his ear. Please be cautious when you are walking your dogs. Keep them with you and supervised.

The Legislature took a day off for Valentine's Day? These fat cats apparently don't have enough to do and we should dock their pay.

Hey all you kayakers: If kayaks were outlawed tomorrow, would you ever sneak yours into the water somewhere? From an ATV rider.

I would like to thank the Juneau Empire for publishing Charles Schulz' Peanuts cartoon for so long. It's a sad day: we lost both the Peanuts comics and Charles Schulz. The greatest valentine the world ever received was the love that Charles Schulz showed through his comics. Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown.

Three people, John, Mark and Joe, were largely responsible for a fantastic weekend at Twin Lakes. Thanks guys for reminding us what a great family asset an ice facility would be. Our 3-month-old was out there and so was his grandma. Come on, Juneau, let's come together on this one.

Firefighters need hugs, too.

If anyone is wondering why there are problems with the school district budget and how to fix it, the answer is in the latest report from the Juneau Economic Development Council. That report shows that the school district has added 84 employees since 1995 and that student enrollment has increased by 130 students during that same time.

This is for the man who took off his boots at a local restaurant on Friday the 11th. Please leave your boots on. My husband and I were just having dinner and suddenly smelled a terrible smell. Next to us a man had taken off his boots and it smelled bad. You have to remember you aren't at home, you are in a restaurant where people are eating.

Pat Eggers has selflessly put his life on the line for dozens of people and saved lives and property in this town. Hooray Mike Truax for treating him fairly. Keep up the good work and get back out there, Pat, and do it some more.

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