Motives and actions

Posted: Sunday, February 16, 2003

Forget about the fact Jim Duncan would now be on the management side of the negotiations table trying to reduce GGU workers salaries and benefits if Fran Ulmer had been elected governor last November. Never mind that Duncan had weaseled his way into the Department of Administration's commissioner job as an assistant for personnel; where nobody in Juneau ever knew that he did anything except receive a paycheck until the previous commissioner could find another job. Ignore the fact that as DOA commissioner, Duncan harmed ASEA members, including former president Ernie Thomas, for doing such things normally allowed for union officials, such as using the state computer resources to solicit member concerns on specific union/management topics.

The only thing anybody has to know about Jim Duncan at this late date in his career is that he was responsible for negotiations against ASEA and the other public employee unions, responsible for orienting the Murkowski administration on state interests for labor negotiations, and has now taken that prior knowledge and responsibility to the other side of the table as a business manager hired by an incredibly goofy union executive board. It's the equivalent of working for Coca-Cola and taking the secret formula to a new job at Pepsi.

After a distinguished career pretending to represent the interests of people who elected him to office in Juneau, the transparent motives and actions of Mr. Duncan have finally been revealed.

Donn Liston


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