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Posted: Sunday, February 16, 2003

As the Empire reported on Wednesday, more than half of our local liquor stores were willing to sell to young people without ID in a recent survey conducted by Youth In Action, a group sponsored by MADD. Over an eight-week period, 21-year-old buyers attempted to purchase alcohol without showing ID from 14 of Juneau's 15 liquor stores. Each of the stores was visited twice. Only six stores consistently refused to sell without ID during both attempts.

We are disappointed by the number of clerks willing to sell to young people without proof of age, but we are also grateful to the clerks and stores who were vigilant and consistently refused to sell. Thank you Fisherman's Bend, Oaken Keg, Budget Liquor, Kmart, Douglas Island Breeze In, and Thibodeau's Home Liquor. We appreciate your taking the time to card and consequently helping to prevent underage drinking.

We would also like to recognize Marlintini's Lounge for their aggressive attempts to keep underage youth from entering their bar. As a popular nightspot, Marlintini's has found it has a lot of minors attempting to enter and consequently has taken many measures to protect itself. On busy nights, they employ at least four First-Aid-certified security personnel, including a doorman who cards people on the way in and stamps their hands with quick-drying ink. Fourteen security cameras survey the bar and parking lot. Marlintini's nightly turns away young customers without adequate identification and has confiscated many fake IDs. They are also trying to utilize an Alaska law that allows liquor licensees to sue minors for $1,000 for entering or attempting to buy.

We hope that in the future all stores will follow the advice of the Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant Retailers Association official who encouraged diligent ID checking of everyone, no matter how old he or she looks. If clerks and buyers alike would make proof of age a routine part of any alcohol purchase, we could all help our establishments stop minors from buying. And it will only take about 10 extra seconds per person.

Jessica Paris

Youth In Action

Cindy Cashen


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