Capital flight costly due to lack of competition

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 16, 2007

I am concerned that the Legislature has taken no action to make its sessions more available to the public. A few years ago political pressure regarding airfares into Juneau resulted in Alaska Airlines coming out with a special "constituency" fare. Each year since then, this fare has become less and less attractive.

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I just called Alaska Airlines and now the "discounted" constituency fare is 50 percent more than its normal fare between Anchorage and Juneau for a trip in March, April or May. With this advertised "discount," I can fly to Juneau for $489.30.

Another option would be to drive to Haines or Skagway, then take the ferry to Juneau. Can you imagine how much that would cost with four kids? Then, of course, there is the cost of camping or staying at a hotel, and it costs nearly $100 each for passports to go through Canada. Yikes! Maybe our Legislature should move to Hawaii, and I will visit them there for less!

I can only imagine how frustrated Juneau residents feel about having no competition for flying in and out of Juneau for vacations or work. I wonder if other airlines have been invited to explore our beautiful capital as a new destination.

Alyse Galvin


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