Ex-Anchorage officer's sex trial goes to jury

Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ANCHORAGE — The fate of a former Anchorage police officer accused of sexual assaults is now up to a jury.

Lawyers made their closing arguments Monday in the 12-day trial of Anthony Rollins, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

Deputy District Attorney Sharon Marshall said Rollins abused his power as an officer. Defense lawyer Susan Carney said it’s a “she said, he said” situation.

The 13-year police veteran is accused of forcing sexual contact on six women between 2006 and 2009 while he was on duty. Rollins denied that he had any sexual contact with three of the women and that what happened with the other three was consensual.

Marshall focused on Rollins’ position of authority.

“When somebody stands in front of you with a badge and a gun, you’re supposed to respect that,” Marshall said. “He’s on official duty every time this happens.”

Rollins was so arrogant he thought his alleged victim wouldn’t go to police, she said.

“This was all soft, subtle power abuse, situational force,” Marshall said.

Carney implored the jurors to look at each case separately.

“It’s a credibility contest,” Carney said. “It is literally a ‘she said, he said’ situation.”

Jurors should believe Rollins’ testimony, she said.

“Anthony Rollins took the stand. He didn’t have to do that,” Carney said. “He admitted he sinned. That was his word. A sin is not a crime.”

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