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Posted: Monday, February 17, 2003

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Celebrating SE civil rights leader

As a faithful Juneau Empire reader, I am disappointed reading Friday's paper and finding an article on our civil rights leader Elizabeth Peratrovich to be on page 3 rather than on the front page. Our ancestors before us have fought for our civil rights. I find it important as an Alaska Native-Tlingit to have such celebration of one wonderful brave outspoken lady to speak on behalf of the Alaska Natives to be celebrated statewide. It is important of the messages we send and our actions we make as individuals, for we have future generations we need to look out for. In this time we are still fighting similar battles that our parents and grandparents have stood/fought for.

Through our Native leaders we were able to establish a voice - Alaska Native Brotherhood, Alaska Native Sisterhood, Tlingit & Haida Central Council, ANSCA and much more. Please show more respect in our Alaska Native Leaders in giving them the due respect that should be given.

Jix dul saan, of the Woosh ke taan

Lillian Feldpausch

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