Simplified poll wording affects the results

Posted: Tuesday, February 17, 2004

In a recent poll taken by the Empire, the question; "Do you agree with the Alaska Board of Game's decision to allow the aerial hunting of wolves near McGrath, intended to increase the moose population?" was asked. The result was that 57 percent of your readers voted yes.

I wonder what the response would have been had the question been worded like this: "The Department of Fish and Game stated that when moose numbers in McGrath reached 3,000 they would halt wolf killing; with the moose population now at over 3,400 do you agree with the killing of 100 percent of the wolves in a 1.1 million-acre zone around McGrath?"

This is a more complex issue than the public has been led to believe. There is far more behind the Board of Game wolf killing agenda than the simple equation of less wolves equals more moose.

Maury Mason

Executive Director

Alaska Wildlife Alliance


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